Smoke Alarm & Fire Detector

  • Toast proof – reduces nuisance alarms and smart silence button
  • Battery-powered smoke alarm
  • The ground-breaking thermoptek technology in the ST-622Q provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm
  • Detects slow smoldering fires and rapid rise in temperature, fast response to all fire types
  • Test and smart silence button – allows the alarm to be silenced for up to 10 minutes in the event of a known false alarm
  • Sleep easy function – low battery end of life chirp can be silenced for eight hours so you sleep easy at night
  • Positioning – bedroom, living room, landing, hallways, dining room
  • Easy to install



Product Description

How would you know if a fire starts in your home, office, or school?

A smoke alarm gives off a loud beep to alert you when there is smoke in your home, office, school, hospital, store, etc. This gives you enough time to put out the fire or run to a safe place.

Many people know the importance of smoke detectors but do nothing about it because they assume they do not need it. Do you know that even a minor electrical fault can start a fire? And this fire can spread to the whole building in less than 3 minutes!

Smoke Alarms/ Smoke Detectors are essentials in every home, office, hotel, hospital, schools, warehouses, stores including small shops in fact everywhere a human resides.

Benefits Of Having A Smoke Alarm/Detector

You have enough time to react to the alarm as soon as you hear the sound. This will help you to contain the fire if it is a small one and stop it from engulfing the whole house, school, office, or hospital.

If it is a big fire, you have enough time to escape to a safe place with your loved ones.

Remember, early detection is the key to managing a fire accident.

Using the sensing technology of choice for the UK’s fire and rescue service, The Fireangel ST-750 is a sealed 10-year battery-powered thermoptek smoke alarm with improved detection of slow-smoldering fires. It is handy sleep-easy function allows a low battery chirp to be temporarily silenced for 8 hours.

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