Portable Solar Inverter With Lithium Battery

  • Charges your phones indefinitely
  • Powers your laptop for long
  • Gives you steady light for days
  • Powers your TV for hours
  • Sustains your Public Address System
  • Powers your fan for hours
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Product Description

The portable inverter 300W provides power for your home and work needs. It can power your phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, tv, Camera, Decoder, Gaming console, fan, lights, clippers, and much more for several hours. It gives you an alternative to noisy and toxic generators. Using the device will save you N150,000 on fuel every year. The inverter can power devices up to 300W, it is durable and comes with a warranty.

  • No hidden costs
  • No monthly payments
  • No fuel or other consumables
  • Compatible with solar panels

Weight 4.5 oz

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