NEPA Alarm System With Timer And Connectors

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Product Description

Electrical power alarm system Mini Alarm Buzzer is a multipurpose device that can be used for sounding security and emergency signal or specifically used for the purpose of producing a sound signal when power is restored. It features a timer that allows users to time the duration at which an alarm signal is to be produced. Suitable for use in the factory, marketplace, school, recreation ground, etc. it comes with Mini Alarm Buzzer, timer, and connectors.

An original and nigh quality gadget that lasts longer!

This device enables you to know when power has been restored from the PHCN. And can also be used in more different security alarm systems/functions.

Alarm with the external diameter of 80/100mm which makes the output of 40W sound volume.

Suitable for warning information of small hoist, light transfer cars, and the inside of the small vessel.

This alarm is useful for the security of warehouses, homes, shops..etc. Specification Power :40W Voltage :AC220V , 50/60HZ Voltage withstand: 500 VAC Insulation impedance: 100 m?(at 500 VDC). Current:0.43A Loud Volume:114DB Heavy-duty construction and 100%copper motor makes the rotation speed comes up to10000R/S

The added IC Timer prevents the alarm from ringing continuously when every power source is restored (or action that triggered the alarm is normalized). It is simple to use and you can adjust the timer easily to how long you want it to ring.

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