Car Power Inverter 150W With USB Port

  • Car Inverter
  • 150W
  • Features a usb port



Product Description

How it works.

Power inverter allows you to run low-power AC electrical devices like computers, video cams, mobile phones, TV sets, fans, digital equipment, etc. It’s the best choice for your self-drive, fieldwork & entertainment in your car.

An automobile power inverter is an electrical transformer that takes the 12-volt direct current (DC) and changes or converts it into 220v/50Hz AC -volt alternating current (AC).

That allows you to run small electrical devices that you normally plug into a wall receptacle.
Your auto electrical system is a 12-volt DC system that runs off the battery and the alternator when the engine is running. The inverter allows you to tap into the system and draw a limited amount of power to run 220- volt AC devices.

The product can convert DC 12V into AC 220V, And USB output is DC 5V.
The rated output power of the product is 150W, which can be widely used in all kinds of electrical equipment, such as mobile phones, TV set fanners, digital equipment.

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